Sahaya G. Selvam, SDB

ISBN 9966-60-120-9

Pages 248

Publication 2019

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In pastoral practice, good will is not good enough. We also need a scientific approach. Psychology can provide a framework for a systematic approach in pastoral care.
This book is designed to offer a scientific framework for Christian ministry in traditional societies such as Africa. The approach is ecumenical and Catholic. It is scholarly and accessible.
The book has 30 chapters grouped into five parts:
1. Psychology and Pastoral Care
2. The Person of the Pastoral Practitioner
3. Life-Long Development
4. Anomalous and Religious Experiences
5. Groups and Individuals
This book could be a guide for pastoral practitioners including parish pastors, chaplains, spiritual directors, formation guides, and other pastoral collaborators. An ideal textbook for a seminary course in pastoral psychology.

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