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This animated film tells the story of the birth of Jesus, the anger of King Herod, the flight into Egypt and the attempt by Herod to kill Jesus. The story is seen through the eyes of a donkey and an ox who witness the birth and do what they can to protect the child. The donkey tells the story, My master said that I was good for nothing when two travelers came to rest in my stable. A baby was born to us that night and I asked the ox to blow on him to keep him warm. Shepherds from the hills and marvelous visitors came to see the baby. I knew that he was important but also in great danger. That is how it all began... The story of Christmas highlights the magical side of this enchanting event in keeping true with the biblical version with the animals providing an original point of view for an age old story.

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Director Simone Spada

Paulines Audiovisuals Africa