Giovanni Tonucci

ISBN 9966-08-965-X

Pages 208

Publication 2015

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Vol. 1: Old Testament
There is no doubt that women have played a very fundamental role in the history of Salvation despite the fact that the manner in which they are described in the Bible in comparison to men, make them appear second.
This book offers a reflection on the female figures contained in the books of the Scriptures. Many of them are important and they play a very critical role in the history of salvation. Some are heroines that people of Israel still remember as liberators of their nation. Others are women who suffer, because they are frustrated in their desire to be mothers and thus be part of the journey of the chosen people towards the future messianic glory. Others still are victims of male arrogance and even humiliated in their femininity.
Nevertheless, even within these limits, the women of the Bible show attractive personalities, and through our reflections, each of them has a lesson to offer us. This book is suitable for everyone.

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