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The Bible is increasingly being read in African Christian Communities. It is Good News for the continent. With this book, Fr Paulin Poucouta develops a pastoral project of biblical formation by proposing manifold ways of Bible reading.

The various African readings of the Bible raise a number of questions. How can the biblical text be revived so as to be truly a Word of liberation? How can the danger of fundamentalism that threatens not only the Afro-Christian but also the mainstream churches be avoided? Where can African models of Bible interpretation be found? How do African women read the Bible?

Paulin Poucouta tries to clarify such hermeneutic and methodological questions. He tells us how the Bible has been read from an African perspective, from ancient Egypt to contemporary Africa, in the light of experience of numerous witnesses.

The original title: Quand la parole de Dieu visite l’Afrique. Lecture plurielle de la Bible, by Poulin Poucouta

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