TEACH ME LORD, YOUR WAY! - Lent and Easter

Bishop Richard Baawobr, M. Afr.

ISBN 9966-60-026-4

Pages 112

Publication 2016

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Hard Copy

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Meditations on the Weekly Gospels
Lent and Easter

The season of Lent is an appropriate time to grow in our praying habits and to taste the forgiveness of God. Our fasting during Lent invites us to a joyful longing for communion with God and an open-hearted sharing with our sisters and brothers most in need here and now.

Meditating on the Word of God is a prayer that helps build us up as children of God by uniting us deep down in our hearts. The reflections on the Daily Gospels are offered to accompany our daily prayer and to help us enter into God’s presence with a heart ready to listen and to be moulded by the word.

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