Benezet Bujo

ISBN 9966-60-023-3

Pages 88

Publication 2017

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Hard Copy

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Consecrated life, more than ever today, is called to become a fire that ignites other fires and “lights up the heart”. In that way, religious encourage each other within their convents and monasteries so as to encourage people outside. Fr Benezet Bujo, in this retreat given to a religious community, speaks about how to revitalize inculturated religious life today in the African continent so that Consecrated Religious Life may be a meaningful witness of hope to all people.

He stresses that religious are the standard bearers of the bronze serpent, who is Christ, Christ whom people look at and are healed. They are like an oasis in the desert whom the many people who cross the desert of our world ask for advice and witness. This book is suitable for all the religious as well as all those who are interested in knowing more about religious life.

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