Valentino Salvoldi

ISBN 9966-60-046-2

Pages 40

Publication 2017

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Hard Copy

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Narrated by the Eyewitnesses

In the footsteps of Christ and of the Apostles, the faithful are invited to walk the Way of Light, to commemorate the Resurrection, to relive their baptism, to ask for the gift of the Holy Spirit in order to recognize Christ “in the breaking of bread”

In this way of light the Gospel texts are mediated by fourteen characters: different persons speak about their experience of faith and encourage us to make their names ours: Jesus, John, Cleophas, Mary Magdalene and Mary, the Mother of Christ and ours…. Fourteen names that we make ours, waiting for the day when, according to the prophecy in Revelation, God will give each one of us a new name.

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