XV Ordinary general assembly of the synod of bishops

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Pages 112

Publication 2018

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This text is arranged in three parts and addresses the themes in a way that reflects the program of the Synod Assembly in October, based on the discernment method: Part I, under the heading “recognizing”, brings together, in five chapters with different perspectives, a variety of situations in which we listen to reality and take stock of the situation of young people; Part II, under the heading “interpreting”, provides in four chapters some interpretative keys for the decisive issues submitted to the Synod for discernment; Part III, geared towards “choosing”, gathers different elements in four chapters, to help Synod Fathers decide on what directions to follow and which decisions to make. The text ends with a significant focus on the theme of holiness, for the Synod Assembly to recognize this as 'the most attractive face of the Church' (GE 9) and to be able to communicate it to all young people today.

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