Rinaldo Ronzani, mccj

ISBN 9966-60-157-5

Pages 40

Publication 2019

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The Publication of the Rite of Exorcisms and Related Supplications has sparked a renewed interest in the presence and power of the devil, the ministry of Christ in casting out demons, and the ways in which the church today helps the faithful in their daily struggles with the power of darkness, especially through exorcisms.
This booklet is divided into three parts:
in part one we look at the power of evil in our life and the various ways in which the devil attacks us.
Part two focuses on the victory of Christ over evil and Satan, as well as the ways in which it is carried out today in the Church especially through the rites of exorcisms.
The third part contains a selection of prayers that the faithful can use in their struggle against the power of darkness, certain that the Father listens to the prayer the Lord taught us as we say with faith: "deliver us from evil."

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