Magdalene Wanjiru Kimani

ISBN 9966-60-164-3

Pages 112

Publication 2019

Availability In Stock

Hard Copy

US $1.5

Illustrated by Manolito Corpuz
It is a wonderful story book for children and teens.
1: Early Days in the Village 2: Lucy, Mumbi's Mother 3: Njoroge, Mumbi's Father. 4: Mumbi's Mother Dies. 5: Life without Mother. 6: Njeri Tells Her Story. 7: Mumbi Goes to Regweine Girls 8: The Great News. 9: Jenny, the Bully. 10: A Letter from Njeri. 11: Mumbi Meets Odhiambo. 12: The Confrontation. 13: Dance Preparations. 14: Preparations for School Competitions. 15: Kakamega at Last! 16: The Accident. 17: The Award

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