Editor Rev. Lennoxie Lusabe

ISBN 9966-60-130-8

Pages 296

Publication 2021

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Hard Copy

US $8

This guide is not designed to make one an account, a paralegal, a human resource specialist, a planing expert, or genius communicator. Rather, it is designed to help the reader ask the right questions, understand the basics of specialised vocabularies, and develop proven skills. It also heightens sensitivity to the elements of organisational health and responsible stewardship. This guide is offered in the hope that it will help readers gain deepened confidence, increased productivity, and greater satisfaction in the noble task of ministering to, within, and for the people of God.
This book has been edited for the African context. The African edition was published during the Covid-19 pandemic. Even though this book was first published in the USA eleven years ago, the principles are quite relevant for the Catholic Church Management in the African setting today.

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