By Michael Bennett

ISBN 9966-21-095-4

Pages 168

Publication 2005

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Hard Copy

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Collection of love stories as told by young people. They narrate their perception and understanding of love and reflect on the excitement, the joy, the questions, the confusion and challenges they face. These experiences and sharing help us to understand the whole phenomenon of love and how to live this reality in a positive and fruitful way.
Learning about Life and Love
The Prodigal Daughter
You are Better than You Think
Island in the Sun
AIDS on the Airwaves
Images of Our Humanity
Daisy and Dandy
Slippery Sam
Queen Rosie and Veronica Violet
Responding to Challenge
Just a Stone`s Throw Away
The Peak
Why Do You Do This to Me
Facing the Road Less Travelled
Timothy`s Travelling Trolley
Simon the Scientist

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