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A Life for God --- 80 minutes Our story begins in a little town called Wamba in the North east of what was then Belgian Congo or Zaire (now Democratic Republic of Congo), in the year 1941. A little girl was born whilst her father was away at war. She was named Nengapeta Anuarite. Even as a young girl, Anuarite aspired to be a nun. One day, a truck arrived at the mission to take the postulants to the convent at Bafwabaka and Anuarite seized the opportunity to climb aboard, unseen. Her mother looked for her for several days only to discover her whereabouts from one of the village children. Even though Anuarite had run away, her mother did not demand that she return home. Anuarite eventually took her vows on August 5, 1959 and became Sister Marie-Clémentine Anuarite and a member of the Holy Family Sisters of Bafwabaka. She was killed during Congo's civil war at the Simba revolt in 1964 by a soldier, Colonel Pierre Colombe, when she resisted his attempted rape. Blessed Marie-Clémentin

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